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Children bicycles and children mountain bikes in all sizes
Remember when you got your first bike? What a beautiful day! And then it started, off to the bike and practice with parents or grandparents. At some point you got the hang of it, you could really get going, you could ride your own bike. And today you buy your offspring or grandson his first bicycle. With us you are at the right place. We offer robust beginners and children bikes with all the necessary protection you can rely on. When you buy your first bike, the most important thing is to choose the right size, e.g. a 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch or 24 inch child bicycle. Make sure that your little hands are able to apply the brakes well and practice this in a targeted manner.

Balancebikes made of wood, aluminium or steel
Together with a scooter or trottinett, the wheels made of wood or metal are the ideal precursors for the first real children's bike or bicycle, because instead of also having to pedal, the little two-wheeled vehicles can first keep their balance and concentrate on steering. The changeover is then almost effortless. And above all, without the parents having to pant after the little racer to prevent him from falling over. We stock models from the leading manufacturers Puky, Like a Bike and Early Rider. There are models made of wood, possibly even with solid rubber tires, but also wheels with real pneumatic tires, with or without brakes, the latter is of course the optimum in terms of training for the first bike.

Trotinett, kickboard and scooter
The difference between these two or three wheelers lies in the dimensions and the basic structure. Where scooters and scooters have a long tradition in our society, scooters and kickboards are originally a fashion phenomenon from the 80s and 90s. Small, handy, collapsible, small ball-bearing wheels from inline skating, and almost entirely made of metal and other high-quality high-tech materials. Scooters and kickboards are suitable for everyday use because of their small pack size and are even taken on public transport by commuters. But children also appreciate this handy and manoeuvrable vehicle as an interesting toy vehicle.

Tricycles, sliders and baby walkers
There's a life before the bike. Because we also have a wide selection of vehicles for baby walkers, sliders and tricycles that are a lot of fun for children. Because quality and safety are also important for the youngest, we only work with renowned manufacturers who know exactly what a product suitable for children should look like. So if Easter or Christmas is just around the corner or a birthday requires a suitable present, just click on and let yourself be inspired by our wide range of baby walkers, sliders and tricycles.

Gocart, Kettcar
Among the toy vehicles for children, the go-kart or kettcar is an absolute classic. For around forty years now, children have been enthusiastic about the cult speedster from various manufacturers. Nowadays the sporty vehicles often look like small racing cars. Modern models have equipment such as adjustable sports bucket seats, height-adjustable handlebars, gear hub gears, automatic freewheel with back pedal brake and reverse gear as well as pneumatic tyres. The four-wheel toy vehicles are driven by a chain that drives the rear axle. Parents have often gathered experience in pedaling hard during their own childhood. When the young pilots are seen in the cockpit of a go-kart, the many experiences from their own childhood, while driving the popular speedster, are suddenly present again. Order go-carts and kettcars at our online shop!